Mission/Vision & Values

Bluefish delivers effective and affordable medicines to all

By focusing on innovation and simplicity in both thought and action, and by assuming responsibility on all markets and cost efficiency in all stages, we are creating a strong and vibrant brand, which offers quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all.

The Bluefish spirit is based on cost-consciousness, our willingness to assume responsibility, and on innovative simplicity.

Decentralized Strategic initiatives

– Value proposition adjusted to local market conditions
– Local market knowledge determines product portfolio composition

Customer Service orientation

– Act  on local market opportunities
– Fast decision making 

Cost consciousness – Act Smart

– Always aim to find simple solutions to complicated problems
– Organized for cost-efficiency and simplicity


– Assume complete responsibility for delivering quality and safety medicines affordable to all
– Aim for true transparency communication

Innovative simplicity

– We encourage new thinking when faced with new challenges
– Strive to attain win-win situation with our partners

Strategies & Goals

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