Vision & Values

By focusing on innovation and simplicity in both thought and action, and by assuming responsibility on all markets and cost efficiency in all stages, we are creating a strong and vibrant brand, which offers quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all.

The Bluefish spirit is based on cost-consciousness, our willingness to assume responsibility, and on innovative simplicity.

Empowered Organisation

– Decisions made at lowest possible level
– Speak up!

Customer Service

– Act fast on opportunities
– Fast decision making with balanced risks

Act Smart

– Simplicity and cost-efficiency in everything we do
– Aim for win-win situations with our partners

Responsibility and accountability

– We expect full responsibility and openness from all
– Everyone matters every day!

Simplicity continuous improvement

– Reduce complexity and aim for sustainable solutions/growth
– We love improvements!

Strategies & Goals

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Tel +46 8 5191 1600
Fax +46 8 5191 1690

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