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For questions and concerns regarding Business Development please send an email to the following email address

Customer service

If you have a question or would like to report an adverse event involving a Bluefish medicine, please contact our Pharmacovigilance department:


Below is the necessary information we need to make a valid report.

  1. Details of who experienced the adverse event(s), such as age, gender, name or initials.
  2. Details of who you are, if not the person who experienced the adverse event(s). Relevant details are name or initials and if you are a health care provider, pharmacist, relative, etc.
  3. Details of the medicine, such as name, strength and formulation
  4. Details of the adverse event(s). As much details as possible, including the course of events if possible.

Any additional information we receive will make the report better. Such information may be ongoing disease(s), other concurrent medications, if the adverse event(s) is ongoing or not, if treatment has been stopped or not, medical history etc.

Even if you don´t have the information available to meet the 4 criteria stated above, please do not hesitate to send us the information that you do have available.

Please note, we can only respond to Bluefish product-specific questions.

If you have questions about general medical conditions or your treatment, please consult a healthcare professional.

Bluefish continuously monitors the safety of its products by collecting information on adverse events regarding Bluefish medicinal products. We may contact you to find out more details about your report.

Privacy notice

We collect personal data about you in relation to reports of adverse events. This information is processed to document your reaction properly and to meet the requirements of pharmacovigilance laws. The information provided by you may be shared within Bluefish on a worldwide basis and to regulatory authorities, including the European Medicines Agency, in accordance with the law.


If you would like to report a technical complaint please contact Bluefish Pharmaceuticals Drug Safety Department:

Tel +46 8 5191 1600
Fax +46 8 5191 1690

Please also send a copy of the technical complaint report to your local Health Authority/Pharmacy.

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Bluefish Pharmaceuticals AB
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