Our strategy

Investing in the right products is essential for sustainable long-term growth.

Bluefish has a well-established selection process for identifying products, which meet the internally established criteria for each product category. Apart from blockbuster products, where patents are due to expire, Bluefish seeks out new products also within more niche-oriented areas and in segments, which consist of complex formulations or where the products are of particular strategic interest for the company.

Bluefish attaches great importance to the process of selecting new products which will either be produced under licence, distributed or developed at one of the development centres with which the company cooperate. Prior to each new product investment, Bluefish conducts a thorough profitability analysis, which takes into consideration the earnings potential of the product, as well as development and registration costs in each relevant market.

Bluefish aims to launch niche, complex or strategically important products in countries, in which the products are less exposed to competition while providing Bluefish with sustainable business. As a result, the product portfolio comprises a broad range of high quality generic pharmaceuticals within major therapeutic areas.

Bluefish sets stringent quality requirements for all of our products and all production partners comply with the requirements imposed by the EU in respect of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).