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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bluefish Pharmaceuticals has been awarded for the best launch of a generic drug 2017 in Spain by AIMFA

The Grouping of Investigation and Pharmaceutical Marketing (AIMFA), has recognised Bluefish Pharmaceuticals for the most sucessful Generic launch in 2017.

Pedro Costa, Bluefish South Europe Regional Manager, and Kim Kjornas, VP for Marketing & Sales, were in Toledo in Spain where the 29th Annual Meeting was held and pharmaceutical companies were awarded prizes in different categories. Bluefish was awarded the prize for the best launch of Generic drug, Diazepam, in 2017 in Spain.

We are proud to say that Bluefish Pharmaceuticals was as one of the few award-winning generics companies.

Founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals operates in more than 13 European countries and is a specialist in generic medicines. In 2017 we had a sales volume of more than 10 million euros only in the Iberian Peninsula and for 2018, based on a strategy of new launches, the company expects to achieve a double-digit
growth in this region.


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