Work with us

Since its inception, Bluefish has built and expanded on strong strategic partnerships primarily regarding the sourcing and manufacturing of products, but also in development, regulatory approvals, pricing and marketing.

Why work with us?

We are creative and flexible and, despite the young age of our company, we are experienced - we know how to make partnering work. We recognise the importance of understanding each other and of being open, reliable and responsive. At Bluefish, Partnering is a priority.

Areas of interest

-          Formulation development
-          In-licensing of products
-          Manufacturing
-          Distribution agreements

Our Process

Our process is simple, fast and partner-focused since we are building the foundations of a potential relationship. After receiving an inquiry, our Business Development and commercial experts evaluate potential opportunities. The next steps include deal discussions, terms and approvals.

1.      Initial discussions, sharing non-confidential information
2.      Sharing our objectives and confidential information
3.      Negotiations of terms and execution of agreement
4.      Commercial partnership implementation



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